WAM BLOBOY Pneumatic Conveying System for Dry Premixed Building Materials

The intelligent way to handle drymix materials on jobsites

BLOBOY is the ideal solution for transferring the drymix material from the silo to the mixer.


BLOBOY is an independent pneumatic conveying system, suitable for conveying premixed building materials, stored inside gravity-fed silos, to the mixer (or plaster sprayer) situated nearby in the application area. Once started up, the system can work independently ensuring constant supply of material to the mixer (plaster sprayer), limiting to the minimum use of labour at the jobsite. This is due to the electric panel especially designed to both powering the machine and interacting with a level indicator fitted on the hood of the hopper of the mixer or plaster sprayer.

Provided with a pre-calibrated relief valve, the system can work in complete autonomy and safety, thus ensuring the maximum pressure limit the system may reach, even in case of locking of the conveying system.

Dry premixed material fed from the silo is filled into the transporter. After the pressure relief valve is shut material is transferred into the mixing machine by the air flow generated by a compressor. Inside the mixer water is added to produce wet mortar ready for processing. A settable pressure switch controls the pressure inside the conveying line cutting the conveying cycle in case of plugging. Operator safety is ensured by a safety valve.